26th June 2023

5 smart ways to provide a smoother customer journey through your insurance contact centre

Customers want to talk despite the availability of online insurance services

The daily operations for many contact centres within insurance businesses revolve around delivering exceptional customer service while delivering a wide range of insurance-related services. Key services include policy inquiries, taking out policies, claims assistance, and dispute resolution. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with good experiences that foster customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

Internet technologies have advanced the industry significantly. Competitive quotes are easily obtained through comparison websites and much insurance business can be transacted online. However, a considerable proportion of customer contact in the insurance industry still occurs through inbound voice calls. Despite the growth in online insurance services, the need for personalised support and professional guidance remains important.

In the insurance industry, customers have a variety of reasons for initiating voice calls. The insurance process presents challenges, and customers often seek reassurance and guidance through direct communication.

Customers initiate voice calls to insurers for several key reasons. This includes issues such as selecting the most suitable insurance policies, the need to understand details like policy excess levels and addressing issues about affordability versus adequacy coverage. When it comes to claims processing, the emotional toll of unfortunate events and the lack of control over the outcomes of claims only serve to heighten anxiety.

“It’s good to talk,” and insurance customers instinctively reach out to agents via voice calls in an attempt to address their concerns about policies and claims. Such calls play a vital role in alleviating customer anxieties within the insurance industry by providing personalised support and building trust.

Quvu is a contact centre VoIP software solution that enables insurance companies to do a better job of providing the quotes, policy information and claims services that customers want to access through voice calling.

5 ways to smoother insurance operations with Quvu VoIP contact centre

Quvu helps to smooth the customer journey through the contact centre for these key insurance industry processes:

1. Answering policy inquiries and clarifications – customers may have questions about their insurance policies, such as coverage details, policy terms, exclusions, or excesses. Quvu call centre software allows customers to speak to agents that have pre-written scripts to answer questions consistently and comprehensively with accurate and specific information so that they obtain a clear understanding of their policy coverage.

2. Making policy modifications and updates – modifying and updating policies requires accurate documentation and efficient communication with customers. Quvu call centre software includes features such as call recording, which captures and maintains accurate records of customer interactions. Managers, supervisors and agents can refer back to these records for policy changes, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Quvu offers 6-year retention of recordings as standard, at no extra cost.

3. Easing claims processing – claims processing is often complex and time-consuming. Quvu VoIP call centre software integrates with CRM databases and claims management systems, providing agents with instant access to customer information and policy details. This accelerates claims processing, allowing agents to efficiently initiate claims, track their progress, and provide timely updates to customers.

4. Delivering customer assistance and support – providing personalised assistance and support to customers is crucial for every insurer. Quvu VoIP call centre software offers features like intelligent call routing, which directs calls to the most suitable agents based on their expertise or customer history. This ensures that customers are connected with knowledgeable agents who can address their inquiries effectively.

5. Improving quality management – access to real-time metrics and analytics allows an insurer to track performance and gain insights into its call centre operations. Quvu VoIP call centre software provides the key to continual improvement and quality management. Quvu’s real-time analytics and reporting capabilities enable supervisors and managers to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as average call handling time and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Reporting and analytics help identify areas for improvement, optimise queue management and boost operational efficiency.

Besides these key challenges, Quvu VoIP call centre software also helps smooth the customer journey through a travel call centre by supporting compliance with regulatory requirements, such as the need for customers to accept terms and conditions verbally and the need to provide audit trails. See all Quvu features at a glance.

Do a better job of smoothing the customer journey through your travel contact centre with Quvu

Quvu has been continually reviewed and developed from thousands of deployments in some of the toughest customer service environments imaginable. No two companies are quite the same, so that’s why every Quvu deployment is customised to the specific needs of each client.

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