Role Consoles

Avoid overwhelming your teams and focus attention

Four user consoles support one unified mission

Quvu provides four user consoles, built to support one unified mission. By providing a focused set of tools that are relevant to each role, your contact centre agent, administrator, supervisor and management teams remain focused on the tasks to hand and zero in on the information and features that empower them to do a better job.

With Quvu’s user consoles, you focus your teams on their jobs and interweave efficiency throughout your contact centre operations.

Agent Console

A slimmed down and perfectly focused toolset that frees your agents to be as productive as possible

Admin Console

All configuration tools in one place to quickly set up, monitor and manage your contact centre

Supervisor Console

The tools that managers and supervisors need to run day to day operations effectively

Compliance Console

Manage compliance against regulatory requirements and improve processes and quality



Prevent unauthorised changes to system settings and access to information held in the system. Permission-based access determines what each role can access, control, configure and edit.

Management Tools

Manage day to day operations with greater efficiency. Monitor campaign performance and agent productivity stats, including daily activities and sales performance.

Agent Efficiency

Provide the tools that enable agents to achieve greater productivity, empowering them to work faster and more efficiently as individuals and as teams on outbound campaigns.

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