CRM Integration

View and edit CRM records within the Agent Console

Enhance customer experience with CRM integration

CRM integration preps agents for calls, enhancing customer experience. Agents benefit from seeing any contact history as well as other data that may be relevant to the call, such as the product and service information relating to each customer.

CRM integration is well suited to the complex nature of many campaigns, such as customer retention calls and B2B campaigns. With Quvu, agents are armed with important knowledge, increasing the chances of call success.

One Click Records

Using the Quvu Agent Console, agents click to load a campaign record

Quick Information Access

CRM information is presented to the agent within the Quvu Agent Console

Smart Preview Dialler

Once agents are prepared they initiate each call using the smart Preview Dialler

CRM Updates

Enables agents to update CRM records through the Quvu Agent Console


Increase Success

Agents are primed with important customer details prior to the launch of each call, raising the probability of success.

Smarter Calling

Quvu’s Predictive Dialler intelligently fetches information from each CRM record, and agents simply click to dial the number.

Complex Campaigns

Improve the way you handle more complex campaigns or calls, by giving agents instant access to all the relevant data in advance.

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