Predictive Dialler

Revolutionise Your Outbound Calls with the Fastest AI Predictive Dialler on the Market

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Unleash the power of automation and transform your outbound call operations for maximum efficiency and success

At the heart of Quvu’s powerful outbound campaign capability is the Predictive Dialler. This is an engine that promotes efficiency by automating contact centre outbound call operations.

With Quvu, you minimise agent wait time, eliminate unanswered and unconnected calls and significantly improve contact rates.

Predictive Dialler

Increases agent productivity up to 300%

Self-Optimising Algorithm

Learns from the first 50 calls, then enters predictive mode

Automatically Adapts

Ensure your agents maximise the number of customer conversations

Maintain Call Abandonment

Maintains the call abandonment rate in-line with Ofcom regulations


Boost Productivity

Improve your team’s efficiency by up to 300%. Eliminate time wasted dialling numbers and listening to busy tones, increasing the number of customers your agents speak with each day.

Dialling Strategies

Maximise Decision Maker Contact (DMC) conversions by adjusting the dial timeout. Monitor data on three levels to identify which is securing the best results. Select agent teams for campaigns based on performance and skills.

Ofcom Compliance

The Quvu Predictive Dialler is completely Ofcom compliant. Meet the regulated abandonment rate, upload custom messages for abandoned calls and select a caller ID to present.

Quvu contact centre solutions are delivered in partnership with you

Within Quvu, we have over a decade of experience in designing and setting up contact centres. We understand that every business has unique needs, that’s why we don’t just offer off-the-shelf software. Instead, we take the time to fully customize a contact centre solution to fit your specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on not just providing software, but a complete ‘software-with-a-service‘ solution. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way, from design to implementation, to ensure that your contact centre is tailored to your business needs and goals.

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