Predictive Dialler

At the heart of Quvu’s powerful outbound campaign capability is the Predictive Dialler. This is an engine that promotes efficiency by automating contact centre outbound call operations.

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Queue Management

Queue Management is where your resourcing comes together with the activity of your contact centre agents, allowing you to allocate your people to specific call queues.

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Role Consoles

Quvu provides four user consoles, built to support one unified mission. By providing a focused set of tools that are relevant to each role, your teams remain focused on the tasks to hand.

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Real Time Analytics

With Quvu you don’t need to wait until tomorrow for today’s information. Break down your operational activity information by campaign, data provider, dataset upload, as well as teams, individual agents or date.

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CRM Integration

CRM integration preps agents for calls, enhancing customer experience. Agents benefit from seeing any contact history as well as other data that may be relevant to the call, such as the product and service information relating to each customer.

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Call Recording

Call recording is a versatile feature that brings multiple benefits, depending on the roles and responsibilities of the individuals in your business, as well as for customers and prospects.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automatic call answering picks up calls and greets using recorded voice messages. IVR offers callers options to direct their call to the appropriate person or team.

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Data Penetration

See the effectiveness of datasets and the success rate of each data file by tracking the number of contacts made. Maximise ROI by understanding the quality of data sources and obtaining more from the same source.

Stat Map

Map the results of Geo Dialling to see where your customers are and gain a better understanding of local factors that might influence call success. Identify areas where you have higher data penetration and you can boost sales with new campaigns.

Call Monitoring

Live monitoring of agent calls helps to identify training needs, enables sales and service leaders to provide in-call coaching and mentoring, and is invaluable for developing scripts and improving quality.

Voicemail Drop

Pre-record messages and leave them as voicemails when prospects don’t pick up or calls are abandoned by the dialler. Customise and personalise message drop to help build relationships.

Geo Dialling

Boost the chances of pick-up by up to 5 times by identifying your calls as originating from local area numbers. Geo Dialling automatically assigns a local CLI number for each number dialled, increasing pick-up response rates. Quvu's Geo Dialling uses valid and reliable local CLIs that are appropriate and routable.


Develop scripts to help your agents achieve campaign success. Write and edit telesales scripts with Quvu’s embedded script editor and assign scripts to campaigns and datasets.

IQ Wallboard

Create attractive infographics tables and charts to allow real time data to be understood at a glance. Display the information on desktops, laptops or mobile devices or put them on public display as a wallboard to motivate, gamify or incentivise.

Workforce Monitoring (QM)

Monitor agent productivity with a real time view of what all agents are doing. Clearly see time spent on calls, in between calls, rest and meal breaks and identify trends, for each agent and across teams.


Designed from the ground up and managed by our in-house team to fully meet with the telemarketing regulatory framework Ofcom and TPS/CTPS in the UK, and the NDD and ePrivacy Regulations that govern telesales in Ireland.

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