From the standards which govern software design and coding, right through to where the application and your data resides in the cloud, Quvu conforms and is compliant with all applicable regulatory codes and guidance.

GDPR Data Centres

There is no single rulebook that governs data privacy globally. To provide certainty on data protection matters, Quvu data is only held in EU data centres, guaranteeing data residency in facilities that are governed by the GDPR.

UK & Ireland Compliance

Meets compliance standards governing contact centre activities. This includes Ofcom and the TPS in the UK, and the rules governed by National Directory Database (NDD) and ePrivacy Regulations for Ireland.

Call Recording

Best Practice

Best practice is observed across all areas of Quvu as a business. This supports quality assurance in general for critical areas such as software development and engineering, and IT security standards meet or exceed the ISO 27000 series or global equivalents.

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