A virtual contact centre

Quvu’s virtual contact centre centralises contact centre operations in the cloud. This technology empowers a business to create a virtualised hub for its operations, enabling a workforce to be distributed globally, yet remain fully connected and managed effectively as a single team.

The connectivity provided by Quvu lets you join up your contact centre across a distributed workforce. This fits with work-life balance strategies that include hybrid work from home (WFH), permanent remote working, and organisations where managers are mobile.


Agent Anywhere

Maintain oversight and management capability. Manage and assign teams to inbound service and outbound campaign call queues, see agent status and current activity all on the fly, as well as monitor live calls.

Scalable Efficiency

Whether your distributed team is 10 and growing or 10,000 right now, Quvu’s cloud infrastructure provides the scalability, reliability and efficiency to support you today and tomorrow.

Cost Effective

No need for specialised hardware. Add and configure new agent accounts instantly using the Admin Console. Users log in to Quvu through a web browser and are up and running instantly.

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