23rd August 2023

Stellar response rates: Driving call campaigns with an outbound dialler

Looking for ‘out of this world’ campaign results?

Outbound voice call marketing campaigns provide immediate, direct and personalised communication with potential customers, and offer a conduit for connection that other channels lack. 

These types of campaigns allow your business to convey its messages, showcase its offerings, and address customer queries in real time, leading to quicker conversions and relationship building.

Additionally, outbound voice calls enable you to gather immediate feedback, refine your strategies, and adapt your approach to better align with customer needs and preferences.

However, successful outbound voice call marketing is a numbers game. The effectiveness of such campaigns heavily relies on dialling large volumes of prospects, while optimising call efficiency, agent productivity, and response rates. 

Enter the outbound dialler – a technology feature designed to automate the initiation of outbound calls. Here, we explain how Quvu takes the outbound dialler to the next level by enhancing it with advanced software, which, compared with a non-predictive dialler, is capable of  delivering results that could be described as ‘out of this world’!

What is an automated outbound dialler?

There are two main advantages that characterise the practice of automated outbound dialling: 

  • Faster and more efficient dialling – Manual dialling is a time-consuming and laborious process for agents, leading to idle time and reduced productivity. An automated outbound dialler, on the other hand, automatically runs the dialling process, calling your marketing contact lists of phone numbers without the need for manual intervention. This results in a higher number of calls being made in less time. This sets a steady tempo for outbound campaigning and ensures your agents focus on meaningful conversations, rather than idling in between dialling numbers.
  • Eliminating dropped calls and ending frustration – Conventional dialling methods often lead to dropped calls, busy signals, or unanswered calls. These are fruitless, frustrating for agents, and a barrier to achieving targets. An automated outbound dialler intelligently detects busy signals, voicemail pick up, and no-answers. This ensures agents are only connected to live calls, maximising their chances of engaging with prospects and clients.

Taking outbound dialling to the next level with Quvu’s predictive dialler

– Minimising agent idle time
– Ensuring a timely, consistent flow of calls
– Maximising the utilisation of resources

  • Personalisation and call scripting – Quvu’s effective predictive dialler allows you to incorporate customer data into the calling process, enabling personalised interactions. By integrating CRM data, agents can access caller history and preferences, tailoring their approach to each prospect. Additionally, Quvu’s predictive dialler supports call scripting, ensuring agents deliver a consistent and compelling message to prospects, optimising the likelihood of positive responses.
  • Efficient call routing and lead distribution – Quvu’s predictive dialler provides intelligent call routing, directing calls to the most suitable agent based on skills, location, or past performance. This ensures that prospects are connected with agents who can best address their needs and increase the chances of conversion. Moreover, the automated outbound dialler efficiently distributes leads among agents, optimising workloads. Tracking call results effectively prevent leads from falling through the cracks.
  • Compliance and regulation – Maintaining compliance with telemarketing regulations, such as the regulated abandonment rate and abiding by do-not-call lists, is critical for any outbound call campaign. Quvu’s predictive dialler comes equipped with compliance features that help your business adhere to these regulations, minimising the risk of financial penalties or legal issues. 
  • Reporting and quality management – Additionally, comprehensive reporting tools provide valuable insights into the outbound campaign activity that is driven by the automated outbound dialler.  This facilitates data-driven decision-making regarding such elements as call metrics, agent performance, and campaign outcomes. Ultimately, reporting and analytics support the quest for continuous improvement, and the goal of quality management.

Unleash the power of a predictive outbound dialler with Quvu

Drive your outbound call campaign strategy with Quvu’s predictive dialler, and equip your business with the best automated outbound dialler for succeeding in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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