Why Quvu?

With almost 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, managing director Kev Brown knew exactly what he needed from a cloud contact centre. “When you have to introduce a new platform to your business and get everyone up to speed on it – managers, admin, agents – you need something that’s both simple and effective. I’ve worked with some good contact centre solutions in the past, but Quvu stood out for being easier to use and less complicated to set up. It came out of the box with the key reporting functionality we needed, and the rest was built for us on request.”

Key feature

The single most important Quvu feature for the Honest group has been the geodialler – It’s key for our outbound campaigns, and it’s not something that every contact centre comes with. We’ve seen massively improved contact rates as a result.”


Besides the ease of use and functionality, what’s impressed Kev and his team about Quvu is the overall quality of service they’ve experienced – “Everything runs smoothly and reliably, which keeps Quvu paramount to our success… But more than anything, it’s the level of service that we’ve been so impressed by. It really goes above and beyond. If I need something, the support team is incredibly responsive via email or phone. We feel we’re getting a really fair deal without paying over the odds.”