SISK Group – Sicon Limited is a large diverse Irish owned Holding company with operations in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the UAE. Its subsidiary John Sisk and Son Ltd, Ireland’s largest construction company, use our VoIP platform..

SISK recently were involved in the development of Diageo’s new brew house at St James’s Gate, Dublin. They were also involved with Europe’s first Shangri-Le Hotel at the top of The Shard, London. At St James’s Gate, SISK installed 70 desk phones for staff on site, each using our VoIP platform. At the outset of our appointment by John Sisk & Son the objective was to standardise telephony across all of their construction sites. The solution had to be scaleable, easy to deploy, cost effective and re-usable. The ability to re-use equipment was particularly important to the company as construction teams would move from site to site as projects were completed.

Their standard process is to equip each desk for contract clients with one of our phones (there is no expensive on-site PABX phone system with associated PSTN/ISDN lines installation & rental charges); each phone is pre-configured with its own dedicated local number and internal extension. Once connected to a network point with access to internet, they are operational immediately.

The company’s on-site phones cover a large geographic region, but are managed centrally by their I.T. Department, which has total control of all the phones in every site, through a simple web interface.

As no on-site phone systems are required, the capital cost savings are significant. In addition, there is no phone line rental and all calls between the sites that have installed our solution are free. Call charges are also significantly cheaper than those that were incurred by sites that were using traditional landline services. The move to a hosted system, which is based in the cloud, was a natural step to take for the company.

“It is an excellent service with a high level of call quality and reliability delivering significant savings to the business. The ease at which the system is deployed & managed certainly is a noteworthy point. The personnel are very supportive and proactive in dealing with their customers to ensure a fault free experience for all.”
John Sisk and Son LTD

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