With a relatively high volume of outbound call traffic, Leads For You values the importance of being able to monitor agents at any point of the day, comparing analytics and instantly identifying trends.

Supervisors at Leads for You LTD have Quvu running throughout the day so they are able to easily flick between screens in order to check on the performance of their agents. The Analytics screen is particularly helpful in cross referencing agents’ metrics, letting supervisors quickly view the agents with the highest number of dials per hour and the number of overall dials per day.

“A feature we find particularly useful is call monitoring – supervisors can quickly monitor the calls of any agent at the click of a button, and use this feature as quality control across the call centre. We’d definitely recommend Quvu to other businesses – it’s quick and easy and helps keep track of agents…it does exactly what we expected”
– Leads for You LTD

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