“We have a great desire and determination to improve the way the industry operates.”
Gerry Murphy – Director

“QuVu has literally revolutionised the way we do business on the telephone.”
John Gaskell – Director


Blacks Business Brokers is determined to shake up the world of Business Broking by combining their team’s 60 years of experience with the very latest technological marketing methods and that’s where QuVu has literally revolutionised the way they do business. With the ability to upload marketing data to the QuVu Intelligent Predictive Dialler with only a few mouse clicks, the telemarketing team are presented with a constant flow of connected calls. Removing time wasted on dialling numbers, listening to busy tones and waiting for calls to be answered has improved the team’s efficiency by over 300%.

“The more prospective customers we speak with in a day, the more business we do. What’s more, I can see at a glance exactly what my team are doing at any time, how they are performing and of course listen in to live calls and provide guidance to ensure that every team member feels supported to get the results they need. In turn our customers receive the dedicated, one to one personal touch they deserve.

“The QuVu system is now being rolled out to all aspects of our business to assist in our expansion programme and increase productivity.”
John Gaskell, Director

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