26th June 2023

5 smart ways to provide a smoother customer journey through your travel business contact centre

Travellers want to talk despite full online travel booking capability

For many travel business contact centres, daily operations are focused on providing excellent customer service while delivering a variety of travel-related services, including making bookings and reservations and resolving issues. The ultimate objective is to ensure smooth and enjoyable travel experiences to win customer loyalty, feeding the pipeline of repeat business in the future.

The sophistication of internet technologies now offers the ability to deliver full-service travel booking and organisation through online services. However, despite the enormous growth in the use of online travel booking services, a large amount of customer contact is still transacted through inbound voice calls.

There are a range of reasons why customers initiate voice calling. Some parts of the process of organising travel are more challenging than others, and concerns about bookings and reservations can be a source of anxiety for customers.

Some of the reasons why travel and accommodation booking is a source of anxiety include customers having trouble choosing where to go on holiday resulting from being overwhelmed by choice, budgetary concerns, limited availability of deals, conflicting social media reviews, language and cultural barriers, and worries over transport punctuality, reliability and safety.

As always, when people are nervous or have concerns, “It’s good to talk,” and anxious travellers inevitably pick up the phone to the travel firm to get the assurance that their trips and stays will be as smooth as possible.

Quvu is a contact centre VoIP software solution that enables travel firms to do a better job of providing the booking and information services that customers want to access through voice calling.

5 ways to smoother travel booking with Quvu VoIP contact centre

Before a trip or stay is underway, Quvu helps to smooth the customer journey through the contact centre for these key travel booking and organisational processes:

1. Making bookings and reservations – managing travel bookings and reservations can be complex and time-sensitive. Quvu VoIP call centre software joins up the process of coordinating with the airline, hotel, and other travel service providers’ systems. This allows agents to quickly access real-time availability and pricing information, streamlining the booking process. This enables agents to make reservations more quickly and efficiently.

2. Actioning cancellations and modifications – handling cancellations, modifications, and changes to travel itineraries requires coordination with various service providers. Quvu call centre software helps travel firms manage the workflow. This lets agents efficiently process cancellation and modification requests, ensuring accuracy, and providing a faster resolution to customer needs.

3. Assisting problem solving – resolving travel-related enquiries and handling customer complaints can be challenging. Quvu call centre software includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automatic call answering which uses recorded voice messages to let callers direct calls to the right person or team with the necessary expertise to handle specific issues. This greatly improves first-call resolution rates. Quvu also includes call recording for 6 years as standard which is invaluable for dispute resolution.

4. Providing accurate up-to-date travel information – delivering accurate and up-to-date travel information is crucial in the travel industry. Quvu call centre software supports the consistent dissemination of accurate information through recorded messages. Agents also convey comprehensive and accurate information through the use of centralised scripts for topics such as health advice about jabs and immigration and visa requirements.

5. Improving quality management – access to real-time metrics and analytics allows a travel firm to track performance and gain insights into its call centre operations. Quvu VoIP call centre software provides the key to continual improvement and quality management. Quvu real-time analytics and reporting capabilities enable supervisors and managers to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as average call handling time and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. Reporting and analytics help identify areas for improvement, optimise queue management and boost operational efficiency.

Besides these key challenges, Quvu’s VoIP call centre software also helps smooth the customer journey through a travel call centre by integrating with other systems, such as CRM. This enables instant recognition of callers from known numbers, which equips agents with complete information about each customer’s contact history and their bookings. See all Quvu features at a glance here.

Do a better job of smoothing the customer journey through your travel contact centre with Quvu

Quvu has been continually reviewed and developed from thousands of deployments in some of the toughest customer service environments imaginable. No two companies are quite the same, so that’s why every Quvu deployment is customised to the specific needs of each client.

Isn’t it time you started doing a better job of smoothing the journey of customers with Quvu? Book a personalised demo to see what Quvu can do for your contact centre.

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