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Improve the customer experience through smart call monitoring

Utilising smart call and agent monitoring tools allows you to understand the bigger picture to improve the customer experience in your contact centre.

Call Monitoring


Delivering poor customer experiences in an era where negative publicity can easily be put out there for all to see, with the sustained popularity of social media and online reviews, can seriously harm a company’s reputation.

In the contact centre industry, monitoring behaviour and quality output can help you dramatically improve the experience for your customers.

Useful monitoring tools allow call centre managers and supervisors to identify problems and coach agents into better performance, improving the customer experience and the performance of your operation.

Monitor calls to identify strengths and weaknesses

Listening in to and monitoring calls between agents and customers, whether it’s live or through past call recordings, is the bread and butter of a call centre when it comes to monitoring agent performance.

Categorising calls depending on nature and using a scoring system is a useful way to be able to define the performance of an agent on a call, analysing elements such as the greeting, building rapport and trust and analysing the problem resolution.

Agents needn’t be informed which of their calls will be monitored – as this could defeat the object of silent monitoring – but if they understand their calls will be monitored so you can use them for training and feedback purposes, it will help keep agents on their toes whilst understanding you are doing it to improve their training and performance for their own development and benefit.

Carefully observe agent behaviour and state

Keeping a careful watch on which agents are on calls, the duration of calls and how long they have been sat in idle is an excellent way for you to keep track of productivity.

In addition to easily identifying the current state of play across your contact centre, being able to find out why an agent is in a particular state allows you to understand the bigger picture and track in greater detail the behaviour of agents.

For example, seeing an agent is unavailable for a call doesn’t really tell you anything – it simply presents a question of why they are unavailable. Enhanced agent tracking tools allow you to put answers to these questions, whether it be they’re on a break, at the toilet, in training or whatever it may be.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – assist during live calls

Having the ability to take your silent monitoring one step further by ‘jumping’ in to calls as they are happening is a powerful tool.

By listening in to agent-customer interaction, you can weigh up whether whispering advice to the agent and offering in-call coaching will help ensure the call reaches a successful conclusion.

This can be extremely useful if you don’t want to miss out on a good opportunity by waiting until after the call to offer assistance and support to an agent.

Learn how you can adapt

It’s worth remembering that you can use these intelligent monitoring tools to self-assess, just as much as assessing your agents.

Live call monitoring and a large archive of call recordings means you have got plenty at your disposal to help you identify areas for improvement with your own processes, scripts and methods.

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