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Boost agent morale and inspire greater productivity in your contact centre

Keeping agents motivated and boosting morale is arguably never more challenging than after a long weekend off work. So if your contact centre is closed on Bank Holidays, we have outlined some tips that can re-energise your agents and enhance productivity.

Optimise at Christmas


The contact centre industry is infamous for its high staff turnover, so doing all you can to keep agents motivated and happy can go some way to prevent or reduce turnover in your call centre.

This issue can be even more pressing in the aftermath of a long weekend break – such as Easter.

It always costs more to gain new customers than it does to retain them, and this principal applies to your agents. If you take into account the expense invested in acquiring new staff, then the time and money spent on training them up, you’re far better off attempting to retain existing agents.

Below are some ideas that can help your agents remain motivated, happy and productive at work.

Freshen things up and get agents involved contributing ideas

Your agents are the frontline of your operations and therefore have their own ideas on what works and what doesn’t. Asking them for their thoughts and suggestions for improving things in your contact centre – even things that aren’t necessarily work related – shows you value their opinions and that they can make a difference.

Agents will be used to you listening in to their calls, but listening to them in this way by garnering their opinions shows you on a more human, personable level and helps you understand things from their perspective.

While not all ideas or suggestions put forward may be good, feasible or realistic, giving them the opportunity to get involved will demonstrate that you are keen to understand the everyday issues they have. And you never know – you might just well get a great idea out of it!

Create incentives and offer prizes

Incentive schemes can be a great way to inspire better productivity by giving agents something concrete that they can actually aim to achieve.

The prizes needn’t be anything extravagant; it’s often the little things that you can offer on a regular basis rather than big rewards once a year that will resonate with agents best.

It could be a half or full day’s paid holiday, vouchers, cash or tickets to an event. You could run the scheme within a team on an individual basis to create competition amongst your staff, or you could make it team based which will encourage teamwork and friendly competition amongst the teams.

Man-manage on a one-to-one basis

If agents are underperforming it’s likely they’ll already feel a bit downbeat and shy of confidence – even more so coming back into work after a long weekend.

Providing relevant training can help you get agents refocused on the task in hand, addressing areas that they perhaps aren’t excelling in and recognising other areas they are good at.

Just carrying out some basic man management can keep up agent spirits and motivate them to put into practice any training they’re given, while preventing their confidence spiralling lower which is neither good for business or your customers.

Harness their strengths, work on their weaknesses

Analyse what agents are good at and allow them to focus on it, rather than spread themselves over all nature of duties across your contact centre. The results won’t just benefit the agents individually – they’ll benefit your whole business.

For example, if you notice an agent is excelling incredibly well on ‘Campaign A’, consistently being one of the top performers and leading the sales board, but on an entirely different type of campaign ‘Campaign B’ they’re frequently outperformed by their peers, use this information to their and your advantage.

Allow them to become experts and excel on what they’re individually good at. You needn’t completely limit agents to specific campaigns and thus neglect others, but setting priority teams will allow available agents on the dialler to be prioritised over other agents when a call comes in and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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