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Gain crucial insights through the stats module limited only by your imagination

The beauty of Quvu’s statistics portal is that you can make it anything you want it to be, through the ability to completely customise stats and create new ones from scratch. This gives you the opportunity to analyse the KPIs and metrics that matter to you, gaining important knowledge on the workings of your contact centre to help you make decisions and stimulate better performance.

Our sophisticated stats portal gives you the data you need to improve business

Stats module
Reinvent how you analyse performance in your contact centre by customising and reporting on the metrics that you choose to, empowering you with in-depth knowledge and revealing key decision-affecting insights.

tick-icon  Build stats completely from scratch

tick-icon  Break stats down by multiple grouping options

tick-icon  Create and monitor unlimited statistical views

tick-icon  Access in real-time anywhere in the world

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A stats module that puts complete control and power in your hands

Benefit from the freedom of Quvu’s flexible statistics centre, providing you with key information based on specific grouping criteria that will allow you to pinpoint the finer details and identify areas for improvement, changes you need to make, and the overall effectiveness and ineffectiveness of your activities.

With an internet connection being all that is needed to use Quvu, you can access your real time statistics wherever you are in the world.


Admin iconAnalyse data from unlimited statistical views
Configure as many statistical views as you wish, navigating between them within the click of a button. Base your views on different grouping criteria or stats, opening up a wealth of data you can peruse with very little effort.

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Admin iconStructure the statistics you see by grouping category
Choose to breakdown your statistics by campaign, data source, data file, team, agent or date, and measure over any date period you wish, allowing you to carefully focus and organise your statistical views.

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Admin iconDrill down to focus in as much detail as you need
Take advantage of slick filtering capabilities that allow you to hone in on the precise information that matters. Cross-reference between grouping categories, helping you refine your data to provide more targeted reporting.

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Admin iconWe haven’t provided a particular stat you’d like to monitor? Just build it yourself!
If there is a stat you would love to add to your arsenal that we don’t provide by default, simply create it yourself. When you want a stat with Quvu, you can have it – enabling you to analyse in greater detail than ever before.

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Increase data penetration and hone in on agent activity

In addition to analysing statistical data relating to raw agent and campaign performance, take advantage of other statistical and reporting features to give you the bigger picture.

Multiple levels of data tracking allows you to find out what is working and what is not, comparing different data sets against each other. Meanwhile, Quvu’s call monitoring tools allow you to carefully monitor agent activity on top of analysing their performance through your customisable real time statistics.

Advanced data managementAdvanced Data Management
Get the very most out of your data by analysing performance through three levels of data tracking, so you can cut back on waste and focus more resources on better quality data.

Track data by campaign, data source and data file, allowing you to compare different data providers and datasets against each other and take appropriate action to increase penetration.


Real time statsSmart Filtering Tools
Easily locate your desired statistics through easy to use filtering options, taking you to the information you need quicker.

Filter your metrics by teams, agents, campaigns, data sources and even individual data file uploads, with the added option of selecting multiple items to allow for easy comparisons. The quicker you can get to the data you need, the sooner you can dissect it and make decisions based on your insights.


Enhanced agent trackingEnhanced Agent Tracking
Keep a watchful eye over your agents through intelligent call monitoring, coaching and tracking tools. Silently monitor agent calls with just a couple of clicks in your browser, and even go one step further by carrying out in-call coaching to help a call reach a positive outcome.

With enhanced status tracking you can effectively monitor agent behaviour and activity state, helping to identify reasons why they’re unavailable for calls.

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Visualise activity in real time on one single screen

predictive dialler configuration

iQ is the advanced wallboard by Quvu that allows you to visualise real-time data through a fully customisable and user-friendly web interface.

View data through a range of customisable graphical panels, reporting on the stats of your choice.

Group stats by campaign, data source, date, team or agent, selecting multiple groupings and metrics at once to compare stats against each other in one single view.

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Measuring the metrics that can make a difference to you has never been easier

The complete customisation of Quvu’s statistics module facilitates you to delve deep into the information you consider most valuable, in order to streamline your contact centre and inspire greater results. Examine agent, team, campaign and dataset performance, helping you make informed decisions and manage resources.


tick-icon Benefit from building and analysing the stats that matter to you

tick-icon Configure stats from scratch using a simple online text field within your account and add straight to your module

tick-icon Create unlimited statistical views so you can get a quick snapshot of entirely different stats sets

tick-icon Choose as many or as few stats to analyse in your statistical views as you wish – it’s your choice

tick-icon Monitor and report on stats in real-time as and when the data comes in

tick-icon Compare KPIs over time by choosing from pre-configured or completely custom date ranges

tick-icon No need to delete stats you don’t need at a given time, simply hide them in case you need them at a later date

tick-icon Get help from the expert team responsible for building Quvu if you need support creating a stat

Statistics module

With Quvu you are not given a collection of statistics set in stone, forcing irrelevant metrics upon you that may possess no importance to your call centre analytics operation.

You are afforded the freedom to choose which statistics are of the most value to you, with the added bonus of being able to create stats completely from scratch as per your requirements.

Gain insightful knowledge and improve your decision making.

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