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A Phone System That You Can Rely On

As a contact centre your business relies on your phone system, so it’s only natural that before choosing Quvu, you’ll need some information about our infrastructure. We’ve tried to cover this below, but if you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to explain further.



We are a privately owned company with no venture capital investment. We own and manage our entire network infrastructure. Each of our multiple servers are built internally, ensuring that we have complete knowledge and understanding of our system.

Call Traffic

Our VoIP platform currently processes around 225,000 calls per day, from over 40,000 user accounts located both the UK, Ireland and internationally.

Multiple Data-centres

We have multiple data centres in varying locations within the UK and Ireland, with five currently online at the moment. This means that in the event of a problem at one data centre, we are able to instantly re-route traffic to an unaffected data centre. It also means that we can efficiently load-balance traffic.

Platform Resiliency and Redundancy

We use 24/7 platform monitoring- during one hour we monitor over 12,000 different data points on our network, so we can immediately detect if there’s a problem with the operating status of the platform. Our platform has self-healing technology. The conditions of our hardware are monitored, and immediate corrective action taken in the event of a failure. Problematic hardwares are immediately removed from their cluster. We don’t just monitor the live environment, we look at process based activities also. This involves key business process monitoring, and backup checks to check that the automation process is working correctly. The platform has various measures to increase resiliency, including having dual power, dual switches and being dual homed.


We interconnect with 6 carriers in the UK and Ireland, including BT and Eircom, meaning that our traffic load is distributed in a way which doesn’t affect call quality. We are able to switch between carriers almost instantly.

Ofcom Compliant

For companies operating within the UK Quvu facilitates businesses in ensuring they are fully Ofcom compliant.

As per Ofcom regulations:

The dialler’s accuracy limits “abandoned calls to a rate not exceeding three per cent of all live calls made on each individual campaign over a 24 hour period.” Using their control panel, Quvu users are able to record “A brief information message giving details about any call answered before an agent is available.” The system accommodates “Calling line identification (CLI) information on outbound calls, so that consumers are able to make a return call.” The dialler ensures “A 72-hour period before a telephone number receiving an abandoned call may be called again without the guaranteed presence of an agent” and in conjunction with agents, that “Unanswered calls must ring for a minimum of 15 seconds”.


The Quvu rights are owned by Pebbletree Limited and is sold through the UK-based Soho66.

Soho66 has been providing VoIP services to businesses since 2005 in the UK, and Quvu services customers take will be through a Soho66 account.


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