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Optimise your contact centre over the festive period

An intelligent cloud-based contact centre management system can drastically make sure your business performance levels do not drop during the busy Christmas period

Optimise at Christmas
Given the hectic nature of the Christmas period for many of us, time tends to be of the essence. Customers are stressed and want things dealt with smoothly and hassle-free, so as a company with a contact centre operation it’s vital to plan for the festive period.

Taking advantage of the features cloud-based management systems offer, you can make sure you and your staff are prepared to relieve pressure and ensure customer satisfaction does not suffer.

Enhanced agent tracking In Control iconEffectively manage your workforce
If some staff are off on annual leave you may have less resources at your disposal compared to normal. With effective workforce management tools you can quickly oversee which campaigns require the most attention and immediately log in and make changes to personnel and organisation, allowing you to keep on top of your campaigns by sensibly rearranging agents and settings. With changes made in your web browser taking immediate effect, there is no hold up and you don’t even have to be at the office to carry it out.

Optimise contact centre over Christmas article - Keep customers informedKeep customers in the loop
If you’re going to be operating over fewer hours over the festive period, let your customers know. Play introductory greetings to inbound calls that will quickly inform customers of your opening hours, or get agents to tell customers at the end of a call. Your customers will appreciate you have taken the time to keep them updated and it might save you from having to deal with an influx of calls over these periods where you may be a little short staffed.

Enhanced agent tracking Immediate overview iconAnalyse best use of your resources in real-time
Why wait until later today, tomorrow or even next week to allocate resources and plan strategies when you can analyse the cold hard facts in real-time? Through accessing statistics in real-time you can analyse how campaigns are going and identify if you could make changes to optimise campaign success and agent performance. For example, say in one campaign you are reaching high levels of voicemail percentage and in another you are struggling with abandonment rate, you can cleverly rearrange your resources to maximise optimisation.

Optimise contact centre over Christmas article - Dialling strategyChoose the most suitable dialling strategy
As it’s a tricky period of the year the better you manage your efficiency and productivity, the better your contact centre is likely to perform. Choosing a dialling strategy that best fits around your requirements and available resources can free up time that would otherwise be spent manually dialling, freeing up agents and allowing them to focus on increasing talk-time. With predictive dialling improving contact rates by up to 300%, you can drastically streamline your approach to boost productivity.

Optimise contact centre over Christmas article - Monitor qualityCarefully monitor quality
While it may not be right, the nearer Christmas gets and the more excitable your agents get, the more likely it is that productivity levels could slip below their usual standards if a watchful eye is not keeping check on things. Through intelligent real-time quality monitoring tools you can keep tabs on the behaviour and performance of your agents, gaining valuable insights to help you adapt your contact centre during this period. You could even offer incentives to encourage continued strong performance and take advantage of useful tools such as silent monitoring to identify those worthy of any incentives offered.


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