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Want to significantly increase contact rates & reduce voicemail hits?

Customers are more far more likely to answer a call from an unknown contact if the number it arrives on is local to their area. Quvu gives you the ability to present caller ID’s in any given area code, increasing the likelihood of customers and prospects answering your call.

How it works

Regardless of whether the purpose of your campaigns are to sell a product or service, carry out market research, or make efforts to upsell to current customers – whatever it may be – as an outbound operation your objective is to maximise contact as much as possible.

Quvu’s powerful geo dialling feature equips you with the tools to achieve this, with the potential to result in a surge in the percentage of calls answered. And of course, the more customers your agents speak to in a day, the greater the chance of doing more business.

Also known as CLI localisation, what the geo dialling feature does is look at a dialled number and instruct the predictive dialler to match it with a number from the same geographical area code, by analysing the postcode associated with the dialled number.

The matched number will then be presented to recipients as the caller ID. For example, if a dialled number belongs to Manchester our system will present an 0161 number to them.

The benefits to you

One of the deal-breaking benefits our CLI localisation offers compared to some other providers, is that the caller ID’s our system presents to customers for you are fully compliant.

What this means is that our caller ID’s enable customers to call the number back and return your call if they miss it at the time of ringing, whilst many other providers use caller ID’s that do not facilitate this.

The cost to you

The price we charge for this valuable and extremely effective add-on service is competitive and simply structured.

However, as we charge on a per campaign basis, and each campaign can differ from the next in terms of the volume of records in it, we may be flexible on this.

Features & benefits

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How you can get started

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SPECIAL OFFER: Geo Dialling & TPS Compliance for one monthly fee!

We are offering customers our Geo Dialling and TPS Compliance add-ons, when purchased together, for £300pm – this is a saving of £100pm when compared against buying each add-on separately.

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