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How cloud-based tech provides a superior all-round platform to manage your contact centre

From ease of deployment and increasing capacity, through to a multitude of flexible operational features, cloud technology allows you to easily revitalise how you manage your contact centre operation.

Call Monitoring


Organisations carrying out telephone based market research and surveys are increasingly favouring cloud-based solutions, thanks to their extended capabilities compared against legacy systems.

As the nature of this work can be seasonal and very much depend on events or circumstances, the cloud is favourable due to its ability to instantly scale up and down in line with this demand. For example, an organisation that runs a campaign during a General Election is likely to want to easily and quickly increase – and then reduce – capacity based on business needs.

Additionally, organisations are able to easily deploy their operation at any given location exceptionally quickly. After identifying premises, the organisation is ready to go as there is no onsite infrastructure except an internet connection required. This allows for quick turnaround in addition to cost-effectiveness.

However, cloud-based solutions also provide a number of benefits from a day-to-day operational point of view.

The ability for supervisors to monitor all activity, without micro-managing

A clean web interface that allows supervisors to instantly visualise the current state of the play in real time across the contact centre operation provides a quick and easy way to monitor activity.

Many agents will tend to not respond well to being micro-managed with someone standing over their shoulder watching their every move. But with a cloud-based solution a supervisor can easily monitor how long agents have been on a lunch break, on a smoking break or how long they’ve been sat unavailable for their next call.

With the ability to silently monitor live calls within a couple of clicks supervisors can also listen in to calls without the agent knowing, which is helpful for identifying strengths and weaknesses with a view to draw up training plans to improve future performance.

The ability to easily choose dialling strategies

A built-in dialler with various modes and strategies allow management to adapt and customise their preferred strategies on an ‘as and when’ basis.

Campaigns can differ from one to the next in terms of the data quality and volume, so while one strategy or mode is good fit for one data set may well not be as good a fit for another.

With different modes such as Predictive Dialling and Preview Dialling, the ball is in your court with how you tackle your data. And best of all, cloud-based solutions mean you can operate these with extreme flexibility by easily configuring which agents, teams or campaigns utilise a particular strategy, and which don’t.

With changes to strategies or modes taking place immediately, it also means there is no delay and wasted productivity.

The ability to delve deep into data analytics to increase penetration

A comprehensive data management module affords management level staff the ability to analyse which data sets are working and which aren’t, helping to maximise data penetration and improve performance.

As it’s entirely in the cloud, managed via the web, data sets can be paused within the click of a button and changes will take effect immediately.

This again reduces lost or wasted productivity, as agents will immediately have their resources channelled into data sets that are performing better and bringing in greater results.

Fully built-in compliance

Ensuring you’re remaining fully compliant is also made much easier with cloud-based solutions.

Having full control over caller ID settings, the message to play on abandoned calls, dial timeout duration and settings for unanswered and abandoned calls allow you to keep a watchful eye on running a compliant operation.

Extra capabilities can allow you to check data against the TPS and CTPS in real time, so you can consistently monitor any records that are registered on the respective TPS and CTPS lists are not dialled and putting your organisation at risk of breaching regulations.

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