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Importance of building rapport with customers in a call centre


Create that trusting bond between agents and callers that will set calls off on the right path from the get go and create good customer relationships, helping you improve service, increase sales and resolve issues… [Read more]


Drive agent engagement to improve service


Don’t allow agents to lose motivation and become disillusioned in your call centre, by making a concentrated effort to improve engagement through a variety of methods that will see morale increase and customer service delivery improve… [Read more]


The benefits of cloud based call centre software for sales teams


Don’t miss out on opportunities by sticking to legacy systems requiring your agents to pick up the phone and dial manually. An automated, smarter system helps you close more leads, improve customer relationships and ramp up productivity… [Read more]


Intelligently keep tabs on your agents – even if you’re abroad


As the holiday season is upon us it seems a suitable time to cover how adopting newer technologies allows you to easily keep up to date with how your team are performing, regardless of where you happen to be in the world…. [Read more]


Effectively oversee data to improve campaign success and customer relationships


Improving productivity often starts with improving contact rates, but putting as much emphasis on the managing your data can be equally as beneficial… [Read more]


Allow cloud tech to provide a superior experience for your call centre


From ease of deployment and increasing capacity, through to flexible operational features, cloud technology revitalises how you manage your contact centre…. [Read more]


Improve the customer experience through smart call monitoring tools


Utilising smart call and agent monitoring tools allows you to understand the bigger picture to improve the customer experience in your contact centre… [Read more]


Ways you can motivate agents after a long weekend off


Keeping agents motivated and boosting morale is arguably never more challenging than after a long weekend off work. So if your contact centre is closed on Bank Holidays, we have outlined some tips that can re-energise your agents and enhance productivity…. [Read more]


Easter 2017 Opening Times


Details of our sales and support opening times this Easter weekend… [Read more]


Optimise your contact centre over the festive period


An intelligent cloud-based contact centre management system can drastically make sure your business performance levels do not drop during the busy Christmas period… [Read more]


Building on our infrastructure to improve platform stability


We want to update you on the work we are doing behind the scenes on our infrastructure to build on our platform resilience… [Read more]


Made simple with Quvu: Exceeding customer expectations


The contact centre market is a competitive place; contracts, staff, sales, everything is geared so that the better you are, the better you do. But how can you give your agents the footing to truly succeed?

We look at how you can exceed customer expectations, and drive your contact centre forward… [Read more]


Made simple with Quvu: Setting up your contact centre


Some things in life are simple, and some things in life can be made simple with a little help. Millions of people around the world dream about owning their own business, and millions of people around the world are succeeding as entrepreneurs right this minute.

With the contact centre and customer service industries growing at a speedy rate, there has never been a better time to open your own contact centre… [Read more]


Motivation is the key to success


According to a report by Red Letter Days, 82% of employees who felt motivated at work in 2015, had received some form of reward or recognition for a job well done!

Motivation can go a long way in helping your centre reach its targets; applied ineffectively could see numbers plummet, both financially and operationally, as employees may look to go and work somewhere they can feel motivated and appreciated. Check out our infographic on the subject… [Read more]


Navigating the Customer Service maze


For contact centres up and down the country, ensuring quality customer service is paramount to the successful running of their operation.

Our infographic looks not only at the current state of affairs of customer service, but also explores some options that are available to contact centres today, which could help them improve the customer experience they provide – helping to secure new and existing clients. After all, businesses aren’t going to want to … [Read more]


Easter Opening Hours


See our technical support opening hours over the Bank Holiday period. [Read more]

How improving the customer experience is made easier with a cloud-based contact centre management system


Some of the more fundamental benefits gained from using a cloud-based contact centre management system can be quite clear; the fact there is no hardware needed, no onsite PBX is required, there are no set-up or installation fees and it can take just minutes to be up and running.

But aside from the set-up and infrastructure, there are also a range of other benefits to be had… [Read more]

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours


See our technical support opening hours over the festive period.

We’re only closed on Bank Holidays! [Read more]


Infographic: How are you engaging with your customers in 2015?


Okay, so we all know that providing first class customer service over the phone is paramount to businesses – to those in the contact centre industry, especially.

But technology and social media are changing the way that customers and businesses interact, giving customers more power to choose when and how they contact a company – and no industry should ignore it, as our infographic explains. [Read more]

Infographic: Elevate your business in the cloud


Could moving to the cloud open up new possibilities for your business and enable you to run a slicker, more flexible operation? Our infographic looks at statistics, why key decision makers are looking to the cloud, who the key decision makers are and how businesses are using cloud solutions. [Read more]

Why businesses are increasingly gravitating towards the cloud


What are the benefits associated with a cloud-based system over traditional hardware systems, and why are businesses finding it’s making their lives easier? In a working environment increasingly being driven towards flexibility and adaptability, working ‘in the cloud’ has become one of the biggest buzz phrases in the IT and technology industries today. [Read more]

Important Quvu Update


The highly-efficient Quvu Predictive Dialler is the tool that helps your business become more efficient by dramatically increasing your team’s contact rates with your end customers. Our latest release, which is planned to go live on Monday, 23 February, will give you the control to make your dialler even more efficient by further enhancing your team’s contact rates and productivity. [Read more]

Setting up a contact centre?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Quvu is the cloud-based call centre management system for companies seeking to revolutionise the way they do business. Incorporating a Smart Dialler, In-Depth Analytics and Voice over IP technology, Quvu enables contact centres of all sizes to analyse their activities in real time. [Read more]
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